The Group Of Seven
Where do you start to look for answers when you don't know what you're looking for?
The Group of Seven

Ever wanted to explain something that defies explanation? Seven teenagers did, so they decided to form a group.

Who are the seven?

What They Hunt:

Anything paranormal, weird, strange, or scary. The list includes:

Meaning Behind The Symbol...

The symbol is seven leafs inside a circle?

The circle, or ring, is a sign of unity within the group. The leaves represent enduring and everlasting friendship. This symbol reminds the group that they must always stick together.

The symbol was created by William, after coming across a crop circle? He started researching different circle signs, and when he woke the next morning, the symbol was the first thing to enter his mind. He treated it as a sign that the group should all where a necklace with the symbol on it. Everyone agreed and they had them made out of silver.

The group also had shirts made up with the logo.